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Among thousands of active valuable members, some representatives are elected each year to carry out the official duties of the association.
Following gentlemen are the current committee members of the organization.

Executive Committee

Mr. Saman Priyankara
Mr. Saman PriyankaraPresident
Mr. Anil Priyantha Gamaethige
Mr. Anil Priyantha GamaethigeVice President
Mr. Duminda Senevirathna
Mr. Duminda SenevirathnaSecretary
Mr. Sampath Hettiarachchi
Mr. Sampath HettiarachchiVice Secretary
Mr. Nishantha Ganege
Mr. Nishantha GanegeTreasurer
Mr. Mahendra
Mr. MahendraVice Treasure
Mr. Upul Kumara
Mr. Upul KumaraAdditional Secretary
Mr. Dhammika Jayanandana
Mr. Dhammika JayanandanaAdditional Secretary (2)
Mr. Thunga Randeniya
Mr. Thunga RandeniyaConstitution and Audit (1)
Mr. Prabath Saminda
Mr. Prabath SamindaConstitution & Audit (2)
Mr. Jagath C. Ramanayake
Mr. Jagath C. RamanayakeSLBCJ Representative
Mr. Udaya Athukorala
Mr. Udaya AthukoralaSLBCJ Representative
Mr. S.A. Nishantha Meegalla
Mr. S.A. Nishantha MeegallaSLAAJ Representative
Mr. Jitendra Samarawickrama
Mr. Jitendra SamarawickramaSLAAJ Representative
Mr. Varuni Weerasinghe
Mr. Varuni WeerasingheSLSAJ Representative (1)
Ms. Manoja Abesundara
Ms. Manoja AbesundaraSLSAJ Representative (2)
Mr. Dinesh Dananjaya
Mr. Dinesh DananjayaAssets Manager
Mr. Chinthaka Rodrigo
Mr. Chinthaka RodrigoMedia & Publicity
Mr. Thunga Randeniya
Mr. Thunga RandeniyaProfessional & Academics
Mr. Siri Herath
Mr. Siri HerathPublic Relations & Promotions
Mr. Dhammika Jayanandana
Mr. Dhammika JayanandanaWelfare Team
Mr. Udaya Athukorala
Mr. Udaya AthukoralaWelfare Team
Mr. Upul Kumara
Mr. Upul KumaraWelfare Team
Mr. Kapila Bandara
Mr. Kapila BandaraWelfare Team
Mr. Anil Priyantha
Mr. Anil PriyanthaWelfare Team

Religious Advisory Committee

Dr. Nympha Jayamanna
Dr. Nympha JayamannaReligious Advisor (Catholic)
Ven. Seelabadda Thero
Ven. Seelabadda TheroReligious Advisor (Buddhist)
Mr. Velu Karunamoorthy
Mr. Velu KarunamoorthyReligious Advisor (Hindu)
Mr. Shamid Ramzan Shahul Hameed
Mr. Shamid Ramzan Shahul HameedReligious Advisor (Muslim)

Association Legal Advisor

Mr. Masaki Akiyama
Mr. Masaki AkiyamaLegal Advisor